Sell House in Divorce


House Offer Pro, LLC will buy any house. We work hard to help you to sell house in divorce in Durham County, and the surrounding area fast, simple and easy…

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Sell House in Divorce


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Sell House in Divorce

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Are you struggling with the sale of your home? More so, perhaps you are going through a divorce, facing foreclosure, behind on your taxes, or another situation that has you in need of selling your house fast? You have options. And we buy houses exactly like yours…

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How To Sell House in Divorce

There are usually three options among many for couples learning how to sell house in divorce

  • They can sell the home – This may be the ultimate solution for any number of reasons, the most basic of which is that neither spouse wants to keep the home or that neither spouse can afford to keep the home.  If you are considering this scenario fill out our Fast Response Form and let one of our dedicated staff members at House Offer Pro, LLC assist you in achieving this goal.
  • Co-Own the home – This option is often chosen by couples who have children whom they do not want to uproot from their homes.  This may not be a rare choice, but often couples with children usually choose such option as to maintain a family structure, and not immediately throw a major split that would often weigh heavily on children that’s of adolescent and juvenile ages.
  • Deed ownership – If one spouse wishes to keep the house, he or she may be able to negotiate a plan to purchase the other’s share, or simply choose to deed full ownership to the other. In such cases, the spouse who wishes to keep the home often has the responsibility of raising the children and this option can usually avoid having to move kids away from friends, schools, and other activities they have become accustomed to.



Advantages of Knowing How To Sell House in Divorce

More Often couples believe that if they go through a Realtor, they will be able to sell their home at market value and walk away from the deal – and from one another – with greater financial security.  Unfortunately, a good percentage of these couples end up in even worse financial shape.  Their homes remain unsold for months or even years while they continue to pay the mortgage on a home in which one or both of them no longer live.  In many cases, they end up selling their homes for well below market value, and on top of that, they have to pay closing costs, escrow fees, commissions to their real estate agents, and other costly expenses.

On the other hand, understanding how to sell house in divorce, and its of no real rush to sell, you do stand a better chance of selling it at or close to its market value if you go through traditional channels.  There is also the possibility that you will avoid such common snags as deals falling through at the last moment, and it will sell relatively quickly.  When you know how to sell house in divorce, you can usually avoid various pitfalls the real estate market can have. Give the professionals at House Offer Pro a call 919-241-3054 and let us assist you in learning how to sell house in divorce.


We help property owners just like you, in all sorts of situations; including inherited property, divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, etc. We buy houses in Durham and the surrounding area in any condition. No repairs needed.

We know selling your house may not be an easy prospect for you, but we can take the stress and hassle out of this monumental task. Let us know more about the property you’d like to sell and we can make a cash offer to buy your house, usually within 24 hours.

If you prefer to talk to someone in our office before submitting this Fast Response form, give us a call today at 919-241-3054.

Save Yourself the Unnecessary Heartaches Learn How To Sell House in Divorce

Divorce is frustrating and confusing enough without having to worry about what to do with your home.  There are many options available. Let us help, and let it begin with one call NOW 919-241-3054, or fill out our fast response form for a quick offer to alleviate your mortgage or house worries.  Furthermore, don’t let not knowing how to sell house in divorce become an additional burden neither one of you can use during these times of uncertainty. Even more so; let’s not add more headache, and stress to a situation possibly already filled with pain and anguish. Give the professionals at House Offer Pro, LLC a call today! 919 -241-3054.  

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